Eminent domain and condemnation

Property owners whose private property is being taken by eminent domain (also known as condemnation) turn to Lerch Early for assistance in minimizing condemnation impacts and receiving fair compensation.

Since 1965, our attorneys have helped individuals, businesses, and organizations receive compensation far in excess of what the condemning organization first offered. In the last several years, we have achieved settlements in excess of $30 million for our clients.

Federal, state, county, and city governments can condemn property, as can private companies such as railroads, utility companies, and transportation agencies. In the recent past, property owners have been impacted by condemnations for new roads (I-270 and the Inter County Connector), park acquisitions, schools, libraries, power lines, fire stations, public buildings, BRAC (Base Realignment and Closure) changes, and transit projects (Purple Line and potentially the Corridor Cities Transitway).

Eminent domain and condemnation law is complex, and can be different for any given case. Our attorneys are experienced in condemnation negotiation and mediation, but are always prepared to go to trial if necessary to determine the fair market value of the land. As with any property sale, there is always room for evaluation and negotiation, and the level of success will often depend on the expertise of the owner’s negotiator and team of experts. Our goal for each client is to demystify the process, obtain the most advantageous post-condemnation land uses and to maximize the financial awards.