Making Banks Look Good To Borrowers

Lerch Early lending lawyers help national, regional, and community banks, credit unions, and SBA lenders in the Washington, DC area and elsewhere close loans on terms that leave both banks and borrowers happy with their transactions.

We serve as knowledgeable lending counsel, negotiating and documenting more than a billion dollars of asset-based, commercial real estate, floor plan financing, and SBA loans, as well as offering assistance in loan workouts each year. We work with lenders of all types, from loan administrators to senior loan officers, proactively issue spotting to make sure the bank is protected while the loans close on time.

Banks particularly value our advice on complex transactions, one noting that he turns to members of the Lerch Early team, “[w]henever I have a difficult, or large dollar deal where I want the confidence of a good counsel supporting me.” We frequently help lenders identify ways to improve their processes, saving time and money while reducing the bank’s risk.

Our attorneys are upfront about budgets, and are nimble when a lender confronts a tight timeline. We often act as local counsel, either for a bank financing a Maryland property, or for a bank or borrower where a Maryland legal opinion is required.

As one banker said, “As a lender, whomever we choose to close our loans ultimately is an extension of our reputation and represents what we stand for.” Lerch Early makes banks look good to their borrowers.