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It is unfortunate, but true: People are fighting more than ever over wills and trusts. There are several reasons. Loved ones are living longer and are more likely to experience dementia or other serious medical issues, making them more susceptible to manipulation. At the same time, family members often live far apart, which may cause the burden of caring for an elderly parent to fall on one member. High divorce rates have resulted in second or third families, where not everyone is friendly with or trusts everyone else. Economic conditions also continue to be challenging.

Lerch Early’s litigation group has extensive experience in all aspects of estate and fiduciary litigation in Maryland, the District of Columbia, and Virginia. We help clients with matters involving claims of undue influence, diminished mental capacity, and other contested trust and estate issues by:

  • Advising fiduciaries on their legal rights and responsibilities with respect to the administration of a trust or estate;
  • Advising beneficiaries on their rights under a trust or will;
  • Representing fiduciaries and beneficiaries in lawsuits and appellate proceedings;
  • Avoiding litigation by helping resolve disputes before they end up in court;
  • Protecting vulnerable individuals who are incapacitated by obtaining or defending guardianships; and
  • Prosecuting and defending challenges to wills and estate plans.

Our seasoned litigators regularly collaborate with the firm’s experienced estate planning and administration attorneys when appropriate, allowing us to provide comprehensive, effective estate litigation services.