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Numerous legal structures can be used to create and operate a mixed-use project.  Counsel for the project developer needs to understand the project and his or her client’s short and long-term goals in order to strategically and properly structure the transaction and draft the underlying project documents. 

Lerch Early’s real estate transactions attorneys convert the project developer’s need to have as much control and discretion as possible in the initial development or redevelopment of the project into underlying project documents that are flexible, financeable, and user-friendly to the project developer, as well as to other owners, tenants, lenders, and investors in the mixed-use project.  Our team assists the client in structuring the transaction, and we prepare project master declarations, reciprocal easement agreements, condominium documents and entitlement agreements for the project – to name a few of the documents that may be used to paper a mixed-use project.  Because Lerch Early attorneys also represent owners and developers of residential and commercial projects, retail and office tenants, lenders, and investors, we are knowledgeable about the methods used to subdivide parcels into lots for separate ownership, sale, lease, or financing.  Our project developer clients benefit by our anticipating the issues and addressing them in the underlying project documentation.