making your deal happen

Lerch Early, as an agent for Fidelity National Title Insurance Company, Commonwealth Land Title Insurance Company, and First American Title Insurance Company, offers both closing and title insurance services related to Maryland and District of Columbia commercial real estate transactions.

Lerch Early also has a subsidiary title company, Presidential Title & Escrow Company, LLC, to handle Virginia commercial and residential real estate transactions. All closings can be handled in the main Bethesda office as well as in the Northern Virginia office.

Experienced Commercial Title Counsel

Many of our attorneys have acted as title and/or closing attorneys for more than three decades. We are licensed Maryland and District of Columbia title agents and producers. Our experience in handling various kinds of complex commercial transactions including multi-property sites, SBA loan transactions and 1031 exchanges sets us apart from other local title companies that predominately handle residential transactions.

Title Insurance Protection

Title insurance protects a property owner and/or a lender in the event title to a property proves to be defective after a purchase or loan transaction. For example, title insurance can protect against forged deeds and other recordable documents in the chain of title, invalid deeds delivered after the death of the grantor orclaims for unpaid taxes that can lead to the imposition of a lien on the property. In most cases, purchasers of real property or borrowers in loan transactions involving real property select the title company that will conduct the closing and issue final title insurance policies. We offer both owner’s and lender’s policies to protect each of their respective interests in the title to commercial property.

As part of closing, we will order a title search, a survey (if required), payoff statements, zoning letters (if required), and real estate tax information as due diligence prior to issuing a title commitment. The title commitment then serves as the basis for the purchaser and the lender’s final title insurance policies, which are issued after closing.

Convenience for All Parties

Our office also employs several Maryland notaries available to facilitate document execution. We employ a stand-alone accounting department that regularly handles incoming and outgoing wires to ensure closing funds are directed appropriately and on time. We are conveniently located one block from the Bethesda Metro Station and have on-site parking available for all parties. Our goal is to make the closing process as smooth and seamless as possible.