Corporate advocacy and dispute resolution

Lerch Early’s corporate attorneys serve as effective and persuasive advocates for businesses, business owners and executives engaged in disputes with other parties. Our business lawyers have extensive expertise in corporate, commercial, and transactional law. This allows us to develop and explore various functional and creative approaches for resolving disputes through a solution agreeable to all sides of the dispute. At the same time, many of the principal attorneys of the group also have substantial experience as litigators. We can and will be firm when necessary, and we will seek to better position the client during the course of the representation if ultimately the dispute cannot be resolved amicably. Clients nearly always benefit from an agreed solution rather than litigation because it typically offers the greatest predictability, the least distraction from productive business activities, and can be delivered at the lowest cost. In appropriate situations, we encourage mediation with the help of a third party, or alternative means of deciding the dispute such as arbitration.