capitalizing on opportunities

Lerch Early attorneys regularly work with businesses in analyzing and planning for the tax consequences of various transactions.

This includes working with startup clients to ensure the selection of an appropriate organizational and capitalization structure, the making of necessary tax elections, and the evaluation of converting among the various types of business entities that are available under state law.  As tax advisors, we develop and evaluate strategies for minimizing the income tax consequences associated with purchase or sales of assets, mergers, consolidations, business divisions and separations, and other forms of taxable and tax-free reorganizations, and other commercial transactions.  In determining the appropriate tax structure for a client (whether as a startup or in connection with a purchase or disposition), we maintain a careful focus on the client’s ultimate business and investment objectives.  As part of our tax planning, we work directly with internal and external financial advisors to minimize the costs and maximize the tax benefits associated with accomplishing the goals of our clients.