capitalizing on opportunities

Many people come to Lerch Early seeking assistance in the start-up of new businesses, affiliates, or subsidiaries.  We review their business and capitalization plans, design a legal strategy and structure, and prepare a set of corporate and commercial documents designed to ensure that the newly organized venture has the greatest likelihood of success.

When appropriate, we work with our clients’ financial advisors and accountants. We evaluate and recommend the forms of entity that will best meet the client’s objectives, and assist in determining in which jurisdictions they should be formed or registered. This could be a limited liability company, a “c” or “s” corporation, a sole proprietorship, or any type of partnership. We work with the client to create operating or shareholder agreements, along with various employee, customer, and vendor agreements that the new business may need.  As the businesses develop, we also assist companies to structure and consummate recapitalizations, tax-free corporate reorganizations, and other corporate restructurings.