capitalizing on opportunities

Few matters are more complex and have greater importance to our clients than the purchase or sale of a business.  Lerch Early attorneys work closely with our clients and their financial advisors to gain an understanding of their purchase or sale objectives, and then help devise a structure for the transaction that achieves the most advantageous business, tax, and legal results.

Where the client is seeking a sale or other “exit” transaction, we assist in readying the company for sale and in negotiating arrangements with a broker or investment banker.  Whether the transaction takes the form of a stock purchase or sale, asset acquisition or disposition, or merger, consolidation, or other form of taxable or tax-free reorganization, our attorneys assist the client in the negotiation and preparation of the agreements needed to properly document the transaction and protect the client.  These may include preparation or review of non-disclosure agreements, due diligence requests, broker agreements, “teasers” and offering information, non-compete agreements, letters of intent, purchase and sale agreements, key employee “stay” agreements, and the closing documents implementing the actual stock or asset purchase or sale.