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Collaborative law is designed to help couples reach a settlement outside of court. The collaborative process involves the couple working as a team with each of their collaboratively trained attorneys. A collaborative team may also include other professionals, such as divorce coaches, child specialists, and financial experts.

In a collaborative process, the couple works together with the help of the team to find solutions that address each party’s concerns. Each individual meets independently with his or her attorney, and members of the team come together to discuss and reach agreement in group meetings. Issues are handled by brainstorming and evaluating options, and enable the couple to actively engage each other in a respectful manner. Full disclosure, considering all options, and a commitment to seeking solutions that address both spouses’ concerns without going to court are the core of a collaborative process.

If you are interested in the collaborative process, you should inquire as to whether your case is appropriate case for collaborative law. Lerch Early divorce attorneys represent clients in the collaborative process.