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People don’t always act exactly as they have agreed or been ordered to perform. We call this a “breach” of one’s obligations and duties. Breaches are frustrating to deal with, particularly if you’ve conducted yourself honorably in fulfilling your obligations per the terms of any agreement or order.

This is because the burden is on the non-breaching party to compel the breaching party to act as agreed or ordered. This can create waste, in the form of money spent to compel performance, which reduces the value of the benefits obtained by agreement or court order. In some cases, these costs can be recovered and deter future non-compliance.

Lerch Early attorneys work with enforcement and breach of agreement and court order issues. We also work diligently with enforcement and a bunch of agreements and court order issues. clients to craft strategies for enforcing agreements or court orders in a swift and cost-effective manner.

In addition, we work with parties to develop agreements that include remedies, security, and/or financial penalties to encourage timely performance. This means structuring agreements so the benefit(s) our clients receive are secure and collectible in the event of breach.