Married couples that are contemplating separation or divorce often want to put off thinking about the future during the summer and instead get in that pre-planned Disney trip with their kids.

However, as counterintuitive as it may seem, for those people who have already made the decision to separate or divorce and who have children in school, the summer frequently is a good time to tell their children they are going to physically separate and/or get divorced, and move into separate residences.

Why the Summer?

Summer is a unique time for families when life is often less hectic because there are usually fewer activities and less stress from school – whether it be homework, grades, exams or social issues. This allows family members spend more time together, take a step back, and focus on each other.

Summertime can give parents a chance to tell the children that they are separating or divorcing during a time when the parents may have less going on because they aren’t juggling the chaotic school year routine with chauffeuring and helping with homework, so they can be more present for their children. More importantly, summertime can give children time to digest the news of their parents’ separation and divorce while not in the midst of juggling school year stresses, such as homework, exams, and social angst.

Physically separating during summer also gives both parents and children a chance to get comfortably set up in their new environments to make sure they have what they need before the school year begins and to adjust to the new normal of a custody schedule in advance of a new school year.

If you are considering separation or divorce over the summer/as the school year approaches, read my article, “Navigating Back to School While Preparing for Separation and Divorce.”

Erin Kopelman is a divorce attorney who handles cases involving domestic relations and family law. For more information, contact Erin at [email protected].