More than two years ago, the City of Rockville commenced its “Rockville 2040: Comprehensive Plan.”  The first step involved the Planning Commission’s review of Volume 1 of the draft Comprehensive Plan, which was a “30,000 foot view” of planning issues and elements effecting the City.  The substantive recommendations guiding future development within the City are set forth in Volume II of the Plan.  Volume II addresses the key planning issues for each of the City’s 17 Planning Areas and identifies the recommended land use categories and zoning recommendations for specific sites.

The Planning Commission’s review of Volume II is now well underway.  A public hearing on the recommendations of each Planning Area was held this past September.  Since then, the Planning Commission has held three worksessions in October, November and December wherein they discussed the recommendations based on Staff’s input and the testimony received during the public hearing.  The Planning Commission is planning two additional worksessions in January and February, 2021 to finalize its recommendations with the goal of transmitting the Comprehensive Plan to the Mayor and Council at the end of February.   

The anticipated remaining scheduled for the review and approval of the Comprehensive Plan, once it is transmitted to the Mayor and Council, is as follows:

  • Public hearings: March – April 2021
  • Worksessions: April – August 2021
  • Adoption: September 2021

Once the Comprehensive Plan is adopted, the City will need to process a Sectional Map Amendment to effectuate the zoning recommendations contained in the Comprehensive Plan.  In addition, it is likely that a Zoning Text Amendment will be necessary based on the recommendations of the Plan.   At present, it is Staff’s intent that the Zoning Text Amendment will be processed contemporaneously with the Sectional Map Amendment, with the goal that the entire process will be completed by February, 2022.  

Property owners in the City of Rockville who did not testify before the Planning Commission still have the opportunity to testify before the Mayor and Council about the future development of their site(s), in an attempt to influence the ultimate Comprehensive Plan recommendations. Our attorneys are closely following the Comprehensive Plan update and are experienced in helping clients obtain successful outcomes and favorable property recommendations through the comprehensive planning process.

For more information, please contact one of Lerch, Early’s land use attorneys.