Employment Attorney Julie Reddig spoke on the topic of wage theft on May 4 during the AGC Labor and Employment Law Council’s 38th Annual Construction Labor Law Symposium. 

In a presentation entitled “Seeking Accountability: Wage Theft Laws Fashion New Ways to Comply with Existing Wage and Hour Laws,” Reddig explained that state and local governments have enacted wage theft laws in various forms with the goal of addressing the improper payment of wages to workers. These efforts have included new compliance measures seeking to educate the workforce on their wage rights; increased penalties for the violation of existing wage laws, and new avenues through which workers can recover unpaid wages or states and local governments can enforce existing wage laws.

Reddig helps employers build and maintain productive workplaces by navigating the many federal, state, and local laws protecting employees in the workforce. She counsels management on avoiding and defending against employment claims before administrative agencies and local, state, and federal courts in Maryland and the District of Columbia.

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