Lauri Cleary Quoted in Daily Record Article About Suspension of Jury Trials

Litigator Lauri Cleary appeared in a Daily Record article about the impact of Maryland jury trial suspensions due to COVID-19.

From the article:

Attorney Lauri E. Cleary, who represents management in civil litigation, said the suspension of jury trials and the resulting delay in courtroom resolutions have increased plaintiffs’ willingness to settle.

“Some cases have settled more easily than I would have expected without the pandemic,” said Cleary, of Lerch, Early & Brewer Chtd. in Bethesda. “When the system increases delay, it puts pressure on plaintiffs.”

The suspension of jury trials has also reduced the desire for litigation between businesses as they are now more concerned with staying afloat and protecting their employees’ health amid the pandemic than waging an expensive courtroom battle that might not be resolved for years.

“There’s more hesitation and more caution when they know they aren’t going to get to trial in a reasonable time,” Cleary said. “Both sides of every dispute must factor into their calculus that any resolution is likely to be delayed beyond the usual timetable for litigation.”

To read the full article (subscription needed), check out “Md. jury trial suspension elicits lawyers’ frustration, understanding, concerns.”

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