Employment attorneys Julie Reddig and Michael Neary recently presented “Sex, Drugs, and Employment Law” to a joint seminar of the Associated General Contractors of Metropolitan Washington, Dc and the American Subcontractors Association of Metro Washington.

Combating sexual harassment and managing employee use of legalized marijuana and opioid addiction will be critical for employers to attract new workers and retain existing workers as demand for workers in the construction industry continues to skyrocket. Lerch, Early & Brewer employment attorneys Julie Reddig and Michael Neary discussed practical measures that contractors can take to proactively address these prevalent issues, such as:

  • What types of policies and training effectively prevent sexual harassment in the workplace?
  • What is a company’s leadership role in establishing a healthy workplace environment?
  • How do you balance an employees right to use marijuana legally with federal laws that still consider it illegal?
  • How should an employer respond when an employee or applicant tests positive for cannabis?
  • Must employers continue to test for cannabis?
  • What to do in situations when an employee may or may not be using opioids legally?
  • What if the legal use is related to a workplace-related injury?
  • How can your company work with employees who may be suffering from addiction?

The speakers also addressed recently passed employment laws and future legislation that will impact DC-area contractors. For more information, contact Julie at [email protected] or Michael at [email protected].


AGC of DC/ASAMW Joint Seminar