The Prince George’s Planning Department has officially initiated its West Hyattsville-Queens Chapel Sector Plan Update. The public planning process began in October, when the Prince George’s County Council adopted Resolution CR-102-2020 to effectively authorize initiation of the Sector Plan Process. Shortly after, the Planning Department held its virtual Kickoff Meeting for the Sector Plan Update to outline general themes and objectives of the Plan update. Some of the key objectives, themes, and takeaways from the Kickoff Meeting are listed below:

Key Objectives

  1. Study existing conditions in the West Hyattsville-Queens Chapel area, including:
    • Land Use & Urban Design.
    • Real estate & retail market analysis and feasibility studies.
    • Multimodal transportation planning & transit- / pedestrian-oriented development.
    • Environmental planning.
  2. Draft a community-supported vision for the future of the area based on market realities. Primary subjects include:
    • Economic Development.
    • Housing & Mobility.
    • Public Facilities & Infrastructure.
  3. Identify strategies for revitalization and infill development to achieve Sector Plan vision.
    • Opportunities to attract and support mixed-use, walkable living environment across all age and income groups.
    • Key infrastructure improvements needed to attract and support infill development, while minimizing environmental impacts.
    • Methods for facilitating these strategies/goals through the New Zoning Ordinance.
  4. Identify roles and responsibilities of public/private stakeholders.

Location-Specific Planning Themes

  • Increasing West Hyattsville Metro Station visibility on MD-500 (Queens Chapel Road).
  • Accommodating multimodal transit through redevelopment.
  • Minimizing flood risk and environmental impact of infill and redevelopment within the 100-year floodplain.
  • Supporting new market rate housing while preserving existing, and constructing new, affordable/workforce housing to age-in-place.
  • Diversifying the area’s retail mix to support residents’ needs while preserving local and startup businesses.

In total, the cumulative planning process will take nearly three years for approval and enactment of the Sector Plan Update. Despite the long-term nature of the Update, the Prince George’s Planning Department has staggered opportunities for public involvement in the plan throughout its planning timeline. Residents and community stakeholders are encouraged to participate in the master planning process during these stages.

West Hyattsville – Queens Chapel Sector Plan Update Timeline & Schedule

Significance of the West Hyattsville Sector Plan Update

The recommendations and policies of the updated Sector Plan will inform future development in the West Hyattsville/Queens Chapel Town Center area.  The Sector Plan Update will replace the entire 2006 Transit District Development Plan for the West Hyattsville Transit District Overlay Zone and will supersede significant portions of the 1994 Master Plan for Planning Area 68 and the 2004 Sector Plan for the Gateway Arts District. Accordingly, the Sector Plan Update will significantly impact master planning surrounding the West Hyattsville Metro Station, with the intent of fostering a Local Transit Center in the community. It will be important for property owners, community stakeholders, developers and other parties interested in Hyattsville’s growth and future development to stay informed throughout the planning process. For more information related to the West Hyattsville-Queens Chapel Sector Plan Update and its potential effect on properties throughout the proposed Sector Plan boundaries, please feel free to contact Vincent Biase, Chris Hatcher, Chip Reed, or Stacy Silber.