As noted in our prior post, the Montgomery County Council has begun its review of the Planning Board’s Final Draft 2020 – 2024 Subdivision Staging Policy.  By law, the Council must approve the SSP no later than November 15.  In order to meet this deadline, the Council has scheduled several worksessions. GO/PHED Committees have held two joint worksession thus far (September 25 and 30), on both the transportation and school elements, including issues involving the SSP and Impact Taxes. Below is a list of the additional, upcoming worksessions:

  • October 5th: PHED Committee will discuss Schools (9:30).
  • October 6th: GO Committee will discuss Impact Tax issues involving Transportation and Schools (3:30).
  • October 12th: GO Committee will address any remaining School Impact Tax issues and the Recordation Tax (9:30).
  • October 13th: PHED Committee will address any remaining Schools and Transportation issues (3:00)
  • October 20th: Tentative Full Council review (9:30).
  • October 27: Tentative Full Council review (9:30).

The Lerch Early Land Use group has been actively involved in the SSP review process, first at the Planning Board and now the Council.  We submitted a detailed letter to the Council that comprehensively reviewed virtually every provision within the SSP.  The letter can be found here. For more information on the SSP, please feel free to contact me or any other of our Land Use attorneys.