Land use attorney Bill Kominers was honored by the Greater Silver Spring Chamber of Commerce with the Chair’s Award, which he also received in 2016. This is the first time the award has been presented in successive years.

Stephanie Steele, chair of the chamber, paid tribute to Bill, noting that he has served as a leader at the chamber since 2007, saying, “Over the years, Bill has served as:

  • Chair of this Chamber
  • Chair of both our Government Affairs and Economic Development Committees
  • An indispensable and well-respected resource of information and advice on County government processes, and getting development projects done in the region
  • An ethical compass for the Board–quick to abstain from a Board vote when there is even the slightest appearance of a conflict of interest
  • A dedicated and tireless volunteer–always willing to help where he can.”

Land use and zoning attorney Bill Kominers navigates governmental processes to help companies achieve the best use of their properties in Maryland and the District of Columbia.