This was the fourth in a series of online events co-presented by Lerch, Early & Brewer and the Innovation Station Business Incubator Powered by the Prince George’s County Economic Development Corporation.

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When dreaming of building your business, likely one of the last things on your mind was how you were going to deal with contracts — pages and pages of fine print that could potentially make or break your life’s work.

Whether you are signing a letter of intent (LOI), looking at a complex lease agreement to move your company into its first “real” office, or just dealing with a litany of service agreements, correctly handing your contracts now will make a huge difference down the road.

This workshop will address many of the details that go into executing a contract, including:

  • What are the stages of a contract?
  • What makes a contract valid?
  • Who can sign a contract?
  • When is a contract non-binding?
  • When should you bring an attorney into the process?
  • What about “do it yourself” online contract solutions?
  • Steps to take to protect your company now to avoid self-inflicted wounds and avoid an unnecessary bankruptcy
  • Once the contract is signed, now what?
  • What steps can you take to protect your company now to avoid self-inflicted wounds and avoid an unnecessary bankruptcy? Or what if a party I am doing business with files bankruptcy?

Our attorneys will also discuss specific contractual agreements, including:

  • Letters of intent
  • Leases
  • Service agreements

If you have specific questions in advance, please send them to Scott Pacheco at [email protected] in advance so that we can address them as part of our program.

Join Lerch Early attorneys Sharon Craig, Robert Gordon, and Vernon Lynch on Tuesday, February 23, 2021 for an informative and engaging discussion on these topics and more.

About This Event Series

The goal of these events is to focus on a topic relevant to emerging and small businesses emphasizing the legal requirements of doing business in Prince George’s County and in Maryland. Each workshop will feature a Lerch Early attorney and provide the opportunity for interaction/Q&A.


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