Chris Hatcher recently facilitated a panel on “Mapping Racism: A Tale of Two Brentwoods,” focused on the lasting effects of land use segregation on this Prince George’s County community. The panel was presented by the Hyattsville Community Development Corporation and Joe’s Movement Emporium.

Mapping Racism is a project that animates the history and research of land use segregation, barriers, and lines of maps that have shaped communities. In particular, restrictive deed covenants in the creation of housing in the early 20th century have left a racist trail in the documents of local properties. The project seeks to illuminate history, but also provide solutions to fair housing and an end to discrimination in property acquisition.

Chris led a lively discussion among the panelists:

  • Stuart Eisenberg, Principal Investigator, Mapping Racism Project and Executive Director, Hyattsville CDC
  • Hon. George Denny, local historian and former Mayor, Town of Brentwood
  • Hon. Petrella Robinson, lifelong town resident and Mayor, Town of North Brentwood
  • Hon. Rocio Tremino-Lopez, Latino Business Development Specialist, PGC EDC and Mayor, Town of Brentwood
  • Sarah Shoenfeld, historian, non-resident scholar at GWU, and Owner, Prologue, DC
  • Synatra Smith, Ph.D, Event Host and Education Curator, Prince George’s African American Museum and Cultural Center

Land use attorney Chris Hatcher advises real estate developers, builders, nonprofits, financial institutions, and property owners on navigating the regulatory and political processes for development in Prince George’s and Montgomery Counties. He serves on the Board of Directors of the Hyattsville CDC.

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