Land use attorney Stacy Silber will be one of the instructors at NAIOP’s popular Summer School seminar series, “Tax and Development Law Fundamentals and Changes Every CRE Professional Should Understand,” speaking about “Creating Value – How to Navigate Development Approvals and Tax Waters.”

This introductory course for commercial real estate professionals is designed to provide insight and offer practical approaches to understanding the development review process and how to avoid pit falls that can lead to appeals and delays in approvals. The course will also provide an overview of how tax assessments are determined, the appeal process, and how to ensure you are planning and budgeting appropriately.

Topics will include:

  • Understanding the role and scope of governmental authority in the land use process
  • Case studies on metro oriented and suburban developments and how to increase value through the development review process
  • An examination of how opponents to development use historic preservation, environmental regulations and architectural controls as a means to slow or stop development, and how to counter these realities.
  • Case study on Marriott’s Bethesda headquarter building.
  • Review the legal mandates under which Maryland and the District of Columbia assess real property.
  • Overview of the tax appeal process and an analysis of tax appeal strategies.
  • Approaches for effectively managing and budgeting for your real estate tax liability during all stages of a project.
  • Tax considerations for leases and purchase and sale agreements.
  • Examination of events that can lead to increased valuations or mid-cycle reassessments.

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