Legislative Alert: Proposal would Mandate Minimum Work Week for Montgomery County Maintenance Staff

On July 11, the Montgomery County Council heard testimony regarding proposed legislation that would mandate a 30-hour minimum work week for certain Montgomery County building maintenance workers.

The bill, B46-15, Human Rights and Civil Liberties – Building Maintenance Worker – Minimum Work Week, targets employees working in office buildings of 400,000 SF or more. This is a very large building, and accordingly the law appears to be quite narrowly tailored at least with regard to the buildings that would qualify.

In contrast, the definition of “building maintenance workers” is broad, and includes more than traditional building workers. Security officers and concierge workers at the building’s front desk are also covered by the proposed legislation if they work in a building of 400,000 SF or more.

The County Council has not scheduled action on the bill, but it is anticipated that a fall work session will take place.

A similar law goes into effect in DC in October. Read more at “DC Employers Staffing Large Office Buildings Must Provide Building Service Employees a 30-hour Work Week Starting October 1.

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