With workplace harassment in the headlines daily, we want to remind employers that Lerch Early employment attorneys provide engaging and effective anti-harassment training that covers all types of harassment (not just sexual harassment) using different styles adapted to our audience.

These methods include civility training aimed at raising the bar of expected conduct above the legal standard, with the goal of cultivating increased respect in the workplace. Potential topics include:

  • How to recognize harassment and how to respond to inappropriate behaviour in the workplace
  • Training for managers on the significance of their position in harassment situations
  • Bystander training  on what to do if you see harassment or disrespectful conduct by or towards a co-worker

We also help employers develop effective anti-harassment policies and complaint procedures designed to prevent harassment and to encourage employees to report any issues in their workplaces.

For more information or to schedule a training, contact one of our employment attorneys.


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This training is customized to the needs of your workplace.