Robert A. Gordon has joined Lerch Early as a principal after 14 years as a judge on the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the District of Maryland. The move bolsters the ability of Lerch Early’s Land Use group to advocate for its clients in a critical area that will become even more important in the wake of the pandemic.

Before coming to the bench, Robert represented clients in every aspect of commercial litigation and insolvency law, in both federal and state courts, but focused mainly upon the enforcement of creditor claims. He has extensive experience in disputes related to all aspects of land use including the financial restructuring of apartment and condominium complexes, residential development projects at all stages, low income housing projects, bidding on distressed property, and the recovery of prime real estate worth millions of dollars.

While a sitting judge, he ruled in hundreds of disputes involving aspects of real estate use and ownership and left with a virtually perfect record of matters appealed from his decisions.

We’re pleased to welcome Robert to the firm. Please reach out to your Lerch Early land use attorney for more information on how Robert can help your business. You can learn more about him on his web bio: