Purple Line Approved for Preliminary Engineering

The Purple Line is a proposed $1.9 billion light rail project that would extend from Bethesda to New Carrollton by way of the Silver Spring Metro station, Langley Park and the University of Maryland campus. It is intended to ease east-west traffic in Montgomery and Prince Georges’ Counties.

In recent weeks, the project took major steps forward. The Federal Transportation Administration gave its approval for the Purple Line to enter its preliminary engineering phase, signaling the likelihood of continuing federal funding. Furthermore, key county and state leaders have agreed to pursue legislation for additional gas taxes to fund the local portion of transportation projects like the Purple Line.

Construction is scheduled to start in 2014 on the line and its 21 stations. More information, including a map of the proposed alignment is available on the web at www.purplelinemd.com. Our firm’s research indicates that the state will be purchasing as many as 230 properties in whole or in part.

Our experienced eminent domain and condemnation team recently has handled dozens of cases involving the ICC, the Montrose Parkway, Route 124 widening, BRAC, and other eminent domain projects. We know that thorough research and preparation is the key to obtaining fair and just compensation, and would be happy to respond to questions from property owners who might be affected by the Purple Line.