Appellate attorney Brad McCullough is profiled in the most recent edition of Maryland Bar Journal for his efforts in advocating on behalf of the Maryland State Bar Association (MSBA).

Last year, McCullough co-authored an amicus brief with Kramon & Graham attorney Steven Klepper on behalf of the MSBA in a case involving a fair debt collection lawsuit against a landlord that sought to recover unpaid rent and the lawyers representing the  landlord.

“We were asked to be a voice on behalf of the bar, and it was an honor to work with Steve in being that voice for the profession,” McCullough said.

According to the article in the Journal, the aim of the amicus brief filed in Chavis v. Blibaum Associates “was to protect the ability of lawyers to act as advocates for their clients. A reversal on the issue would expose lawyers to liability for taking a legal position that was undecided at the time and would strike at the heart of their obligations to their clients. The brief asked the Court to recognize and protect a lawyer’s duty to advocate zealously for a client, noting that lawyers should not have to weigh the risk of personal liability when determining what legal arguments they can make on behalf of their clients.”

You can read the full article in Volume 3, Issue 3 here (subscription required):

Brad McCullough is a commercial and business litigator and appellate attorney who represents businesses and individuals in a wide variety of cases in federal and state trial and appellate courts, as well as before arbitration panels and in mediation proceedings. As an appellate counsel, he also handles appeals in family law and criminal cases.