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  • Your Move: Relocation and CustodyAugust 27, 2021

    People relocate for a variety of reasons: pursuing a job opportunity, moving closer to family, or moving due to remarriage – just to name a few.  Adults have a constitutional right to travel and to move wherever they choose.  But what happens when you share custody of minor children and have an established parenting agreement or Court order?  While you have the right to relocate, you do not necessarily have the right to take your children with you.  
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  • Children are Still Struggling While Adults Return to NormalcyJuly 12, 2021

    As more of our population becomes fully vaccinated against Covid-19, many of us are now able to enjoy a greater semblance of normalcy. Mask-less trips to the grocery store, a return to the office, summer get-togethers with friends, weekend trips, and vacations are increasingly the norm.

    For parents, however, it is important to understand that our children are not experiencing the same level of recovery.
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  • A Groundbreaking New Child Support Ruling in MarylandJune 25, 2021

    Awarding child support to a non-custodial parent doesn’t seem to make sense. Why would a parent who has access with his or her children for less time receive child support from the custodial parent?

    Well, Kaplan v. Kaplan says exactly that. Kaplan, a case of first impression in Maryland may bring good news to some that child support could flow to the parent who doesn’t have as much access with his or her children. 
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  • The Court of Special Appeals Weighs in on the Frozen Embryo IssueJune 08, 2021

    In my last post (Who gets the Frozen Embryos in the Divorce?), I explored how the Court might handle the disputed disposition of frozen embryos upon the divorce of the parents-to-be.

    I hypothesized that the Court might view embryos as marital property, and I recommended consulting a lawyer as part of the assisted reproductive process to ensure that a clear and enforceable contract is in place regarding the disposition of any frozen embryos upon divorce or either party’s death. 
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  • What Does Divorce Mean for Your Vacation Home?June 04, 2021

    If you own a vacation home, odds are that you consider it a place of serenity and fond memories. When couples separate and divorce is on the horizon, the question is inevitably asked: “What happens to our vacation house?”

    First, you and your spouse can always agree on what to do with your vacation home. Examples of the types of agreements you and your spouse could reach are: agreement to sell it and divide the proceeds, one spouse could buy-out the other spouse’s interest and keep the home, or perhaps the home becomes part of a bigger picture estate plan or trust so that children and grandchildren may continue to enjoy it, despite any divorce.
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