Commercial Lending Bulletin

July 26, 2016
Commercial Lending Bulletin: Late Fees in Loan Documents and SBA Debt Refinancing Program >

May 18, 2016
Commercial Lending Bulletin: Avoiding Quick Fixes to Loan Documents, Spelling out Liability in a Guaranty >

January 15, 2016
Commercial Lending Bulletin January 2016: Forum Selection Clauses, New SBA SOP, Alison Rind Named Practice Chair >

August 3, 2015
Commercial Lending Bulletin August 2015: Validity of Security Instrument w/Early Financing Statement, Top Qs Every Lender Should Ask When Reviewing Commercial Leases >

June 15, 2015
Commercial Lending Bulletin June 2015: Lenders, Be Wary When Extending Credit on Rental Income Stream; Perfect Your Security Interest By Filing Before A Closing >

April 6, 2015
Commercial Lending Bulletin April 2015: Federal Court Holds That Bank’s Deed of Trust Primes IRS Tax Lien Despite Its Subsequent Recordation; Don't Forget the Waiver >

February 12, 2015
Commercial Lending Bulletin February 2015: What You Should Know When Financing a Business Acquisition; Prepayment Premium Language: A Trap for the Unwary Lender >

August 7, 2014
Commercial Lending Bulletin August 2014: Participating Banks - Don't Skip the Due Diligence; Commercial Loans Secured by Personal Residences and Prepayment Penalties >

June 10, 2014
Commercial Lending Bulletin June 2014: Guarantor Strikes Out With Defenses to Guaranty >

April 23, 2014
Commercial Lending Bulletin April 2014: Merger Clauses Protect Against Oral Agreement Claims; Multifamily Housing Seminar to Include How to Finance Multifamily Purchases >

February 11, 2014
Commercial Lending Bulletin February 2014: Lender Did Not Unlawfully Demand Accrued Interest and Fees After a Default; Social Media Concerns for Financial Institutions >

September 24, 2013
Commercial Lending Bulletin September 2013: Incorrect Debtor Names May Unperfect Security Interest; Refi Exemption Taxes Borrowers Only on New Money >

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