Building a Career at Lerch Early

Lerch, Early & Brewer has a very special culture: we not only give exceptional legal service to our clients, but we also try to make sure that every person who works here looks forward to coming to work every day. We seek to achieve the highest possible quality of life for everyone in the firm. We strive for collegiality among our attorneys and our staff members. At the same time, we balance the demands inherent in legal practice with our personal needs and our families, friends, and outside interests.

We value diversity by hiring attorneys and staff with a broad variety of backgrounds and capabilities, recognizing that such diversity, with balance, contributes to our strength and our ability to serve our clients well.

The Lerch Early reputation is built upon strong relationships fostered by mutual respect, friendship, professionalism, integrity, and trust as we interact with our clients, our attorneys and our staff.

Our commitment to achieving an excellent place to work has been recognized among our peers and fellow businesses in Montgomery County, Maryland as a "Best Place to Work" award recipient.

Our Workplace

We build kinship in the office with activities like health fairs, Community Service Day, First Friday bagels and jeans plus drives for clothing, school supplies and toiletries for the less fortunate. We’re conveniently located atop the Bethesda Metro.

What We Look For

Successful candidates for any position at our firm demonstrate that they are excellent at what they do, are committed to outstanding client satisfaction (both external and internal), are hard-working and are pleasant to work with.